About Climbing Addicts


We believe in the simple premise that you should leave a place the way you found it

Seems simple enough to us. Like all of us who rely on the outdoors to pursue our passion. The strange thing is that Climbers, for all their eco-friendly practices, may in-fact be leaving a trace that compromises the environment for the next climber. That's why we set out to develop a chalk that is eco-friendly and that a portion of all our sales is donated to Leave No Trace.



It began on a typically windy day in  Eldorado Canyon outside Boulder, Colorado….

My two sons and I just got down off a route on the West Ridge. Walking back to the car we couldn’t help but notice the ever-growing number of white chalk marks blemishing the rock. We wondered, why is it that most climbers don’t even question what they put in their chalk bag? Seems like it’s not even a blip on their radar.

As fate would have it, there is a bit of a grassroots movement currently working its way through the climbing community. Many of us feel that not only is white chalk an aesthetic issue, it also takes a bit of the adventure out of climbing. As we were driving back home, it occurred to us the solution was obvious, a solution that in time should have a profound impact on the long-term preservation of the rock we call home. We decided to take action and Climbing Addicts was born.

- Shawn Axelrod, Climbing Addicts Founder



After countless hours of research and testing, Shawn Axelrod created a unique line of colored chalk.  It takes a few natural resources to make, works great and we make it right here in the United States.

At Climbing Addicts, we believe it just takes a slight shift in thinking. When recycling gained in popularity it seemed challenging at first, but as time went on the environmental necessity and long-term benefits for future generations became evident. We hope for the same with our colored climbing chalk.

Taking a few moments to consider how white chalk impacts the aesthetics of our environment can move us towards a more conscious stewardship of the rock we love.



Josh and Alyssa Christensen took over Climbing Addicts in 2022, giving Shawn a well-deserved retirement. Along with their two young daughters and Border Collie pups, they make climbing and adventuring outside a priority. They are passionate about preserving the environment for future generations, and carrying out Shawn’s mission: to enjoy the wilderness while leaving no trace. As a small, family-run business, Alyssa and Josh are proud to serve the climbing community.