Introducing Sea Water Sourced Chalk!


Did you know that the mining of magnesite (from which climbing chalk is made) causes tons of pollution? If you didn't, Climbing Magazine published an article by Bradley Allf called "The Hidden Environmental Impact of Climbing Chalk" that goes over the process of how magnesium carbonate is made.

The article describes how the mining and processing plants affect a small province in China, where about 70% of chalk is produced in the world:

"A handful of mining and processing companies—like the “China Metallurgical Import and Export Liaoning Magnesite Company”—in Liaoning produce the magnesite. White smears run for miles up and down the mountains and hills surrounding cities like Haicheng, in southeastern Liaoning, blanketing buildings in the underlying valleys, giving the appearance of a ski resort. But it’s not snow—it’s magnesium carbonate dust, a result of both the mining process and poor filtration of airborne particles during the calcination, or heating, process."

For another punch in the gut, the article goes on to explain how magnesite mining has adversely affected trees and crops in the region. This is all for WHAT, exactly? So rock climbers, gymnasts, and weight-lifters can feel a little more secure while trying hard?!

We've always claimed to be an eco-conscious chalk company because of the way our chalk "leaves no trace" and reduces visual impact on the rocks. That's still super important (obviously!). But the fact that mining causes so much pollution has never sat well with us.

This is why we are proud to announce that we are the first United States company to be using sea water sourced chalk.

Our chalk's journey starts with magnesium hydroxide being sustainably extracted from the sea. Carbon dioxide is then added. The result? The purest and most effective form of magnesium carbonate on the market. There are NO impurities in our chalk... just 100% sustainably sourced magnesium carbonate from sea water with 100% naturally derived minerals for leaving our rocks beautiful. And now, you can chalk up in peace, knowing that our company is NOT contributing to the pollution problem on this planet!

By being our customer, you are supporting a cleaner environment AND reducing visual impact at the crags. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Josh and Alyssa Christensen, owners